Preparing a Go Bag

Packing a Go Bag for a
Deployment with Krucial Staffing

As any veteran travel medical personnel understands, packing the perfect “Go-Bag” is a must for emergency deployments. If you are gone for a minimum of 14 days in a different city AND caring for patients during a worldwide pandemic, you should come prepared.

Recently we took to Instagram to ask you – our outstanding Krucial Krew members – what item you absolutely cannot live without during an emergency assignment. Boy, did we enjoy reading the answers! Among the most popular responses were common “must-haves” such as a mask, scrubs, comfortable shoes, and proper identification. Our Krew also gave us a chuckle along the way by replying with some not-so-obvious items as well. Many Krew members suggested packing the adequate number of undergarments for those “just in case” moments when life gets busy, and you need a clean pair. A few other “essentials” included peppermint oil, a coffee maker, peanut butter, Siracha sauce, laundry detergent, and a Brita water filter.

We enjoyed reading the responses and are thankful they were both practical and funny. We want to ensure all our Krew members come prepared, so here is a list of the most popular items your fellow Krew members suggested.

Go-Bag Packing List:
1. At least a week’s worth of scrubs
2. Comfortable shoes
3. Proper I-9 Identification (Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Passport, etc.)
4. Blank check for direct deposit
5. Immunization Records
6. Plenty of Masks
7. Toiletries (shampoo, body wash, toothbrush and paste, etc.)
8. Money
9. Electronics and chargers
10. Snacks
11. Vitamins and Medicine
12. First-Aid Kit
13. Flashlight
14. Feminine Products
15. Headphones
16. Photos of friends and family
17. Pen and Paper for notes

Hopefully, after reading this information, you will be prepared for your next assignment with Krucial Staffing. Whether it’s your first or fifth deployment, it is vital to have a well-packed go-bag for your deployment. This list will have you ready to work hard and save lives!

Did we miss anything on the list that is essential for a go-bag? Please leave a comment below to let your fellow Krew member know.

Maria Burns

Maria Burns

Comments (16)

  • Compression socks (7), scrub caps to cover your hair in case your in COVID unit, wrist no cuff, pulse oximeter and thermometer in case you get sick and have to quarantine, melatonin or sleep aid (you, any need it if your working nights or have very stressful days), Eason or CBC bath salts to relax your aching muscles, Tylenol cold or your favorite cold medicine in case you get sick, Clorox wipes or cleaning supplies for your room (hotel staff do not clean your room), a fire stick to relax and detach mentally. Thanks wht

  • I am a reservist, been deployed twice, demobilized due to SMA Reductuon! Bags are packed, live in Texas, ready to serve my great state!!!

  • Nail clippers for some reason hard to find in hard hit covid areas
    Cold and hot weather day off clothes bc TX weather is bipolar

  • Hello
    My name is Shirin Didier, ICU RN Florida licensed. Over 18 years between ICU and PCU experience. I’m registered with krucial but I haven’t received any information.
    I’m very interested.

  • I am already packed and ready to go for ER RN. I do have an account with your. When is the next deployment for ER nurses

  • I am looking forward the tomorrow night. Its the end of my third 13 week contract with BAPTIST HEALTH ST. LUKES!! So after Wednesdays night I can report anywhere in Texas by 10 pm the next da6.

  • Don’t forget to bring a smile, positive attitude, compassionate heart full of love and readiness to work leaving your complaints behind.

  • Yes yes yes! My mama took this pic for me! So blessed to have been able to see her from afar from my deployment to NY! After 3 deployments, I couldn’t agree more with this. Definitely wish I would’ve known for my first!

  • Ready for my first deployment. Have worked with many of Krucials Nurses and PCA’s, we’ve gotten through some tough times during COVID together and all of you were amazing. Many of you kept telling me, J you should come and work for Krucial, so finally, here I am.

  • I am packing this minute, waiting for Krucial to post or to call. After my previous deployment with Texas, I have a better understanding and much appreciation for the traveling Team of healthcare care givers. Just love it. Ready to respond to the call of duty. Yass! Yass!

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