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How Our Krucial Onsite Representatives Handled the Winter Storm in Texas

With the onslaught of extreme weather conditions in Texas, our Krucial On-Site Representatives faced a whole new array of challenges. While facing power outages and a water supply shutdown, our frontline Krucial Krew members lacked essential, life-sustaining resources. According to KOR Dermon, working out of Texas, “Food restaurants were closed, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart were shut down and out of power. I had to do something for 50 plus nurses.” Dermon then decided to take matters into his own hands, driving two hours away to find food. When he returned with sandwich supplies and other snacks to sustain his staff, the nurses showed gratitude. “They couldn’t believe what was done to accommodate them, and I love being able to provide relief and help to the ones risking their lives for the greater good,” says Dermon. 

Another Krucial On-Site Representative (KOR), Beronica, details her experience providing for the nurses relying on her supervision amid the crisis. Using her own money, Beronica bought mac n’ cheese, chicken noodle soup, granola bars, and fruit cups to sustain her staff until another solution was found. After traveling to a local Sam’s Club, a kindhearted manager secured alfredo pasta, meatloaf, enchiladas, salads, and more for no cost for Beronica and Krucial Krew members. One nurse state, “[I have] been there since July, and haven’t felt this blessed, I almost cried.” KOR Brandon also reports traveling in hazardous conditions to secure provisions for his staff. “I waited in line at Walmart for the brief time it opened on Monday and got as many single-serve items I could for the staff.” Brandon was quick to add, “Everyone has tried their best to help out.”

This sentiment reigns true when considering another story referencing our outstanding KORs. Tyler, a local hotel manager, extended his thanks to our Krucial On-Sites and Krucial Krew members for going the extra mile and helping his hotel staff. Due to the power outage and winter storm, his hotel only had one staff member in the building and no help on the way. “Kiesa and Tim (Krucial Onsite Representatives) took the bin to each floor with our staff, collected all dirty towels, and removed all the staff trash out their room and brought it to the dumpster,” Tyler states. The KORs preceded to wash and fold the towels for their staff, claiming, “We gotta represent our company. When there’s a crisis, Krucial’s staff is here.” 

Our KOR’s fortitude and unparalleled regard for their staff’s wellbeing is something we are proud to showcase. With no reward other than their staff’s immense gratitude, these Krucial On-Sites went above and beyond the traditional expectations. They helped gather food, water, and other accommodations while simultaneously helping others in crisis. “All the KOR’s are out here taking it on the chin and fighting back like Rocky! Dealing with life-changing environmental conditions, stressful responses from clinical staff, and low resources except for a team full of hungry On-Sites eager to fulfill the mission. The level of support this company displays on a daily basis is unreal,” KOR Dermon concludes. We are proud to have our Krucial On-Sites working as tirelessly as their staff to provide for those in need.

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