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As the holiday season inches closer, the effects of Covid-19 clench that much tighter around what we used to call normal and take for granted. Our amazing Krucial Krew has been taking care of those in need since the beginning of the pandemic, and now the company is doing its part by creating Krucial Kares.

For CEO Brian Cleary, the notion of creating the program and lending a helping hand was not a matter of if, but how.

“Krucial Staffing is a company that wants to be able to help serve those in need, whether in our backyard or across the nation,” He said. “Our goal is to help bring additional awareness and support to an organization that aids those in need.”

Our Krucial Kares program was created to support non-profit organizations across the nation, ensuring we are assisting communities — both local and across the country — during these trying times. Partnering with American Cancer Society was the first step in creating professional relationships with charitable organizations. We do plan to feature partnerships with other non-profit organizations down the road.

While using this quarter to assist ACS, Krucial is donating $1,000 for every touchdown the KC Chiefs score from November 1st through the postseason to Hope Lodge, a local ACS partner in Kansas City, MO. The non-profit provides housing for patients and families awaiting medical care in the area. As of December 18th, our current contribution stands at $22,000 and growing!

This year Hope lodge is celebrating its 20 years of Giving Hope a Home. Its mission is to provide access to the care and treatments cancer patients need and may not have been able to receive without a place like Hope Lodge. ACS Hope Lodge has been able to connect patients to treatments and lifelong connections while also saving them lodging expenses. As of December 3rd, 2020, they have raised $226,000, surpassing their goal of $200,000. If you wish to be involved in the 20th birthday celebration, go to You have the option to volunteer, invest, or donate items. To learn more about how impactful your time and investment truly is, visit our Krucial Kares webpage. 

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Welcome to the Krucial Kollective!