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Krucial’s Core Values- And Why They Matter

Krucial Staffing was built on five core values that foster the best service in emergency response and healthcare staffing. These values provide a foundation of beliefs that have served Krucial well in our quest to create a familial atmosphere dedicated to helping others. We strive to cultivate an environment that supports our staff both mentally and physically. Krucial Staffing’s values are passion, integrity, efficiency, innovation, and inclusion. Each of these serves to enhance the experience of working for Krucial, enforcing a standard of excellence. Diving deeper into each value, we can see how important each is to the success of our company.

Passion is the first value Krucial promotes. It is a prominent reason for the progress our company has made since its founding in 2019.

Mickee, VP of Staffing, states, “I feel like passion is the driving force of all other core values. We are passionate about the clients we serve and people in need. We are passionate about our Reservists and creating a fulfilling experience for them while they are on the ground supporting this mission. Acting with integrity, efficiency, inclusion, and innovation are natural results of that passion for doing what is right and being the helping hand or solution during trying times.”

We strive to provide the best customer service for our staff because we recognize the importance of clear communication. Making sure our Krew has accurate and updated information is essential to our mission and the welfare of our Krew. We understand how lucky we are to provide jobs to those in need during times like those brought by the Covid pandemic. These jobs, concerned primarily with helping others, only enforce our dedication to our mission. It extends our reach to even more desperate people in their time of need. The passion for what we do has successfully created a company concerned with the welfare of its staff, and we are happy to have the opportunity to make our Krew’s lives a little bit easier. The strain of emergency deployment can feel overwhelming, and our job is to relieve a bit of that strain. Even as our company grows and our reach expands, we remain dedicated to our cause.

With passion comes integrity. At Krucial, our second value in support of our mission emphasizes the significance of acting with integrity. This emphasis breeds loyalty and trust between our Krew and us. The importance of trust pushes us to strive for complete transparency and support throughout our staff’s time with us.

Morgan, Emergency Management Coordinator, values integrity “because it is about honesty and upholding your moral values as an individual and company. One of our top goals is to speak up for our staff. We value open communication between the Reservists and us or between our clients and us.”

We seek to provide our Reservists with the honesty necessary to build a successful line of communication. Staying true to our processes and procedures ensures this communication is never breached, and we are better able to serve our Krew. These procedures subsequently help us maintain the integrity of our company and encourage trust.

Another benefit of staying true to our procedures assures our third vital value, efficiency. At Krucial, our mission requires smooth lines of communication to run efficiently within the chaos that is created by emergencies. Recognizing the importance of following procedures ensures we can better support our staff. Although emergency deployment can be a daunting undertaking, we seek to direct our staff with clear direction and enumerate all necessary information ensuring they are personally prepared to serve in chaotic and everchanging environments with ease. Efficiency eliminates most issues we run into by providing the tools to fix these issues before they escalate.

This dedication to efficiency integrates new and inspiring ideas, fostering innovation here at Krucial. Our fourth value, innovation, is necessary to keep us progressing at the rapid rate so prominent in the twenty-first century.

Britney, Director of Account Management, believes “innovation is what allows Krucial to be thinking ahead. Constantly coming together with new ideas and processes is what sets Krucial apart from other companies. We value continuous education and an open mindset at HQ, which fosters growth and learning to occur.”

We’re constantly coming up with new solutions, brainstorming efficiencies, and adjusting processes for ways to help our staff transition, deploy, and demobilize. By maintaining an openly creative mindset, we continue to expand our vision and company to better serve those in need. Striving to improve our procedures and overall experience, we can ensure our staff receives the best and highest quality support.

Innovation in our modern-day society is heavily influenced by the new and inclusive ideals being popularized in the media. Today’s corporations and social movements are primarily concerned with equality and inclusion, emphasizing this in the work environment. Our fifth value, inclusion, ensures we provide the best support to every member of our staff. At Krucial, we promote family values and a feeling of camaraderie not easily obtained in the workplace. We feel our Krew should always feel welcomed and understand their place as a vital member of the Krucial family. We refuse to discriminate based on religion, color, creed, age, national origin, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. At Krucial, everyone is welcomed and recognized as valuable to the mission.

All five of our core values promote the mindset and ethical code we look to embody at Krucial. Passion is the first and foremost value, as it is the foundation of our success as a company. That breeds integrity and honesty, forming a relationship between Krucial and its Krew. Efficiency must be a core value, as emergency deployments create such chaos that operations run smoothly, with minimal discrepancies, especially when dealing in the medical field. We find the need for our fourth value as well. Innovation is imperative to continue progressing, expanding, and bettering ourselves as a company to serve our Krew better. An open mindset influences our fifth and final value, inclusion, as well. At Krucial, we enforce the belief that all are welcomed and equally cared for. The mission only functions effectively when every member understands their vital position within our family. We strive to make our staff precisely recognize that. Our values combined form the foundation of beliefs upon which Krucial was built and will continue to expand upon in the future.

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