Life Changing Benefits of Being a Travel Healthcare Professional

Emergency deployments combine the cultural immersion experience while traveling with a position helping those in need. These adventures have profoundly impacted many of our Krew and opened doors for them that typical jobs would never have produced. We asked some of our staff to share how working with Krucial had changed their lives for the better and how it impacted them on a personal level. Multiple responses mentioned abundant financial aid, new friendships, a sense of renewed confidence, and exposure to a new culture.

We are beyond proud of our staff who faced the Covid-19 pandemic and understood their bravery stems from how they handle challenging situations in their own lives. We have found our Krew members often face a financial strain that Krucial is happy to help alleviate with our deployment opportunities. Student debt, medical bills, mortgages, loans, and multitudes of other expenses can pile up, and our Krew has made it clear their deployment allowed them to pay off many of these.

Being able to provide for their families at home because of their Krucial experience was a prominent response. A few of our staff members mentioned the ability to introduce their children to extracurricular activities they would not previously have been able to afford. They are grateful for the opportunity to provide a better life for their families. Another example of a lifted financial burden came from a Krucial nurse who decided to put her funds towards her mother’s surgery and fix her grandmother’s home. Deploying with Krucial gave her the opportunity to help her family in an inspiring and selfless way.

Our healthcare professionals were also able to take time from their full-time jobs and focus on their education because of their deployment. Obtaining another degree will allow them to pursue future careers and reveal newfound life opportunities. They were also able to open savings accounts for other family members to pursue higher education.

Opportunities for friendship and partnership can also arise from an emergency deployment. Our staff claim to have made lifelong friendships during their deployments. The opportunity to meet people with the same passions and drive does not arise often but deploying with those from around the country can bring people together in ways most professions cannot.

Partaking in an emergency deployment can result in the sense of renewed purpose and lost confidence being regained. Sometimes we feel stuck in life or adhere to a routine that does not suit our needs and desires. Our staff say they miraculously found new inspiration in their lives through the challenging circumstances, long days, and exhausting shifts. The sense of pride and accomplishment which came from helping others left them feeling excited to face each day. The ever-changing conditions presented new opportunities, and as they overcame new challenges, their confidence grew. They felt prepared for situations in a way they never had before.

The level of devotion displayed by our staff at Krucial is why we are so grateful for the warm-hearted souls that have been previously or are currently staffed with us. The innumerable doors that opened for them because of their assignments are why we love what we do at Krucial. Helping people, whether it be our nurses helping their patients or us helping our staff, is what we are proud to do. Easing a financial burden, paying off bills, helping family, forming lifelong bonds, and finding a renewed sense of purpose have all been accomplished by our staff on their deployments with Krucial. They have taken their jobs, completed them with dignity, and opened doors to new experiences in their lives.

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