Prepping For Deployment

Prepping for Deployment with Krucial Staffing

Sometimes it takes hours, sometimes it’s days, and for some even months, but when you secure a travel assignment with Krucial Staffing the excitement is over the top. But after thinking about all you must prepare for in the next 24 hours, excitement can quickly turn to anxiety.

You may ask yourself: What if I can’t find a flight? Where do I go when I get there? What do I bring? Will I do a good job?

All of those questions are normal, as is the nervousness or anxiety that accompanies them. But rest assured, once you arrive, meet your new co-workers, and begin the fight against Covid, there are ways to ease the tension.

When Liz Flynn got her first assignment with Krucial Staffing to work a COVID-19 emergency care assignment, the RN and mother of four was anxious but ready. “I made sure I mentally prepared myself weeks before…I had my bags packed just in case, stocked meat in the deep freezer for meals, and bought in bulk for all my family’s necessities,” she said.

Ensuring things at home would be taken care of while she was gone put Flynn’s mind at ease, as did explaining to her children why she may be gone for a while. “I sat down with my kids and discussed the financial benefits if I would get on with Krucial, so that they could understand,” Flynn said. “That helped a lot. After weeks of perseverance, I finally got on and was ready to go!”

While working in healthcare is never easy, being away from friends and family amid a global pandemic can be exceptionally tough. Being a Krucial Krew Member is not for the weary. 

 The corporate office staff at Krucial also works hard to ensure our Reservists are cared for and prepared to work. However, we don’t see what happens after they sign the paperwork, board the plane, and head into their first shift. We can certainly imagine but hearing first-hand what it feels like to deployed has been beyond eye-opening.

Registered Nurse Michelle Chavira faced her fears back in July on her first deployment – one that lasted nine weeks in Brownsville, Texas. “I was so scared/nervous/anxious, but I didn’t let that fear stop me,” she said. Her current deployment with Krucial is her fifth thus far, with Chavira priding herself for stepping outside of her comfort zone, as she “couldn’t be happier.”

We know how much our Krucial Krew supports each other, and we appreciate the advice provided for those heading on their first deployment and those considering applying. 

Trica Daniel-Juba was a new Reservist at one point, but after five deployments, anyone anxious would be smart to listen to her suggestions.

“My advice: relate to a buddy,” Daniel-Juba said. “Try to get the same off day and do things together. Even if it’s sharing a cab to the grocery store or grabbing a lunch date.”

Despite her experience, even Daniel-Juba has tense moments at times. “I still have anxiety when I leave home. What helps: the understanding and availability of the on-sites, meeting other friendly nurses, and speaking to my family. What has gotten me through most of all is prayer.”

We heard from many who relied on prayer, making friends, using a support system, and understanding assignments such as these are not easy. At the same time, they can be rewarding! Most of all, they are helping those affected by an unprecedented worldwide pandemic.

Those of you who are new: know it’s normal to be anxious, scared, or worried. But, with the help of another fantastic Krew member, you will get through it and come out stronger on the other end!

Mike Norris - Krucial Staffing

Mike Norris

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  • Don’t eat out everyday. Comfort food is great when you’re stressed but it will limit your physical health and cause even more anxiety. Exercise regularly. You can’t use the gym on deployments but resistance bands are easy to use in your room. Lean on your krucial krew first. They are probably going through what you think you’re alone with. Embrace the staffers. They’ve been through hell and you’re there to help. If they seem like they don’t appreciate you, remember they’ve been through hell and maybe they’re manifesting their stress and unintentionally aiming it at you. CLOSE YOUR HOTEL ROOM DOOR QUIETLY. Encourage others to do the same. Tip housekeeping well. Pay it forward.

    • Tywanna Lamaak-Phifer

      Hiya!! With Krucial LVN/LPN jobs are few, far and in between. I worked 1 deployment as an aide. LOVED EVERY MOMENT!!
      Besides…I was an aide for 13yrs before becoming a LVN. So…CNAs ROCK!!

  • Some of us are lone wolves. After 4 deployments I have found that I am not someone who makes ”friends” while I’m on deployment but instead I have a loved one back home that I lean on for support. But I know my on-site staff is there for me to help with my needs and I am friendly with all those that I work with. By doing this I avoid extra drama that sometimes pops up and can focus on the task at hand.

  • I am experienced Trauma ER nurse with med surg telemetry experience. My wish is to be able to work with Krucial staffing and share my knowledge and help others.

  • I remember my first set was to NYC on March of 2020! Although it was definitely chaotic, it was the beginning to a new career, travel nurse. Since then I’ve been deployed several times with Krucial & even though I love it I still get a bit anxious but it’s good nerves because I know I’m going to be helping a community and helping my family. Taking 30mins everyday to meditate and acknowledge how blessed I am for everything I have and don’t have helps me focus. I love krucial!

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