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Top 5 Scrubs According to Our Krucial Krew

Here at Krucial, we understand how vital it is to have comfortable and breathable scrubs during your 12-hour shift. It would be best if you had scrubs that allow you to perform your daily tasks without constraints while also ensuring your scrubs are durable to last. We reached out to our Krucial Krew to ask them what their favorite scrub brands are to purchase and why. 

Here are the top five most-loved scrubs according to our Krew:

     1 Healing Hands

Healing Hands, precisely the style “Purple Label,” got roughly 22% of the popular vote for the best scrubs, according to our Krucial Krew. Our Krew members know this brand well due to their comfort levels and different sizes (curvy, petite, tall). Jenitia commented on how “they are durable, stretchy fits just right they do not tear or fade easily with proper care. I’ve had mine for a few years, and they still look new and fit the same. I did buy a new one for the updated style, and they are bomb!!!”

     2. Figs 

With 18% of our Krucial Krew’s total votes, Figs seems to be a great option if you are looking for a brand with variety, versatility, and inclusion. Krucial Krew member, Laura, shared how Figs “move, stretch, come with GREAT pocket choices, have a strong variety of tops and pants to suit different needs/specialties. The best part is they have options for multiple body types!” However, others do warn Figs scrubs “get super tight after each wash and fade very quickly!” so it is best to ensure they are adequately cared for.  

     3. Cherokee

In third place, with 12% of the popular vote, Cherokee was voted based on their lower-cost options and breathable, stretchy fabric. Krucial Nicki mentioned how Cherokee “Infinity scrubs are stretchy and breathable and extremely comfortable. . .You won’t be disappointed. Those are the only ones I buy.” 

     4. Scrubstar 

Obtaining 5% of the votes is Scrubstar, which is located at Walmart. These scrubs are budget-friendly and hold up well for deployments, according to Krucial Krew member Jessica. They are easy to take care of, do not wrinkle easily, and are moisture-wicking. Scrubstar is an excellent option for those who love to have many scrubs to choose from without breaking the bank.

     5. Grey’s Anatomy 

Coming in fifth place with 4.5% of the votes is Grey’s Anatomy. These are an excellent option for those on the shorter side since they have short and long leg choices. Brice states Grey’s Anatomy is best because they are “comfortable, [have] lots of pockets, and [have] great color/cut options.” 

We understand people have many factors to consider when purchasing scrubs. We hope you find these opinions from our Krew members to be helpful when deciding the future. Are any of these your top choices? Leave a reply and let us know if our Krew members have great taste in scrub options. What brand would you choose or add to the list? 

We are in no way affiliated in any way with the brands listed in this blog. Every brand was chosen by our Krucial Krew members on a post asking what their favorite scrubs are. You can check out our Facebook post here: Let’s Talk About Scrubs

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