Why Krucial Joined the Medical Field

Why Our Krucial Krew
Joined the Medical Field

We are constantly asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” For many, this question is daunting and anxiety-filled. How many of us know what we want to do at the age of 5, 18, or even 30? We find new passions or hobbies in which we believe would make an excellent fit for our career. However, this is not the case for everyone, especially those who are a part of our Krew.

Here at Krucial, we are constantly inspired by our staff’s devotion to helping others and love hearing about what motivated them to join healthcare. Furthermore, we recognize that not everyone wanted to start in the medical field. We have reached out to our Krucial Krew members and were impressed by the extensive list of reasons why they became a Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, CNA, etc. 

Being in healthcare requires you to be kind-hearted and selfless, which is how we would describe all our Krucial Krew members. They have reminded us recently on social media how incredible each one of them is. Their reason for joining health care is inspiring and a gentle reminder to follow your passion. After reading through some answers, we quickly noticed many people had similar experiences, leading them to their careers in the medical field.

Many people found their love for becoming a nurse by witnessing the care and happiness a family member or themselves received while in the hospital. Others knew right away they have a caregiving soul, and their purpose is to take care of others. Many needed and wanted a job that was rewarding and would allow them to become an advocator for others — becoming a nurse was a clear choice. 

However, others experienced life-changing events which caused them to recognize the importance of a specific classification or specialty. Some even learned about new classifications and were intrigued from the start. Once they had this moment of realization, they quit their current job, went back to school, and pursued their newfound passion. Many followed the paths of family members and joined the medical field as well. 

Whatever your story, whatever your reason, thank you for becoming a health care hero. We are deeply touched by all the deployment stories our nurses share with us. From new friendships to heart-warming experiences with patients, we are grateful to hear such lovely stories. Thank you for joining our mission in helping those during their greatest time of need.

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Maria Burns

Maria Burns

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  • I joined the medical field because I wanted to save lives!! I love people especially the community I live in!!! I wanted a honorable career while making a difference and an opportunity to grow or branch off into owning my healthcare business!! Nursing is calling and it chose me!!

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