Disaster Preparedness: Staffing Provider

When disaster strikes, you need the right partner to weather the storm.

While disasters are unpredictable, it does not mean your disaster relief plan needs to be unprepared. From hurricanes to global pandemics, this past year has shown emergency managers and FEMA representatives the importance of having a thorough disaster plan. It is well known to have your evacuation plan, hazardous response, and recovery response, but have you thought about having the proper staffing vendor in place to help mitigate the impact on your community? Krucial Staffing offers pre-event contracts which allows us to be onsite within 48 hours of a disaster to help those at their greatest time of need.

At Krucial Staffing, we provide assistance from all angles for our clients. With a pool of over 300,000 clinical and non-clinical personnel within all 50 states, we can staff your need, no matter how remote. Our team can fill 100% of our orders with FEMA trained personnel within 48 hours. We also have personnel, known as our Krucial Onsite Representatives, along with Clinical Directors, supporting staff at the forefront of the disaster response. In addition to our staff, local companies assist us with transportation, housing, and meals.

Disaster Preparation
Disaster Preparation

Our pre-event contracts prepare communities for the worst by providing them with the best, comprehensive disaster strategy. Learn more about partnering with us by contacting our Emergency Management Krew directly at 913-347-5336 or via email at corporateEMD@krucialstaffing.com

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Maria Burns

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