When it is Time to Partner with a Staffing Agency

When to Know it is Time to Partner with a Staffing Agency

Increasing Burnout and Turnover Rates in Medical Professionals

Healthcare professionals in today’s world are growing more exhausted and heartbroken from the unceasing stress of the pandemic. “Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, healthcare worker burnout rates on average ranged from 30% to 50%. Now, burnout rates range from 40% to 70%” (Healthleaders).  Unfortunately for many hospitals and facilities, this will be an ongoing issue if executives do not act. In addition to higher burnout rates, these hospitals and facilities are facing a higher nurse turnover compared to years prior. According to the NSI National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing report, “hospital turnover increased by 1.7% [over the past year] and currently stands at 19.5%.” This increased turnover and burnout rate can cost healthcare facilities thousands, even millions.

The drop in healthcare workers, especially nurses and technicians, leads to a dangerously high staff-to-patient ratio. With medical professionals taking care of more patients per shift, it decreases their ability to ensure patients receive the optimal care they need and deserve. This can have a detrimental and negative impact on the outcome of each patient. Is pushing our nurses and medical professionals to their limits’ worth risking the health and wellbeing of those under their care? Or even the healthcare workers themselves? Instead, hospitals and facilities should evaluate their current staffing plan and analyze if they have medical positions open for immediate placement.

However, this is easier said than done. The process of recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding one new medical professional, let alone five to 10, can be expensive, time consuming, and draining. To be frank, as much as hospitals know and wish they had the time to fill their staffing gaps, it may be more difficult during these trying times. Instead, their focus is the patients and their current staff members.

Benefits of Utilizing a Staffing Agency

Fortunately, staffing agencies are a simple email or phone call away to aid your hospital or facility needs. There are many benefits of utilizing staffing agencies, from saving time and money to widening your network of candidates, they are here to help you however they can.

To fully understand all the benefits of a staffing agency, it is important to research the services these companies offer. An ideal staffing agency will provide a broad and extensive list of resources to optimize for your temporary or permanent staff needs. Offering temporary positions can alleviate issues like burnout by giving your full-time employees a more stable schedule. Going the temporary-to-permanent route reduces the hiring risk your hospital or facility may experience when trying to fill a position. Lastly, filling a permanent position via an agency can positively impact your current turnover rate and decrease staff-to-patient ratios.

Once you have found your staffing partner, the next step is understanding the benefits they provide. Working with a staffing agency automatically broadens your network of qualified candidates and streamlines the hiring process by reducing the length of time between posting and filling a position. Afterall, staffing agencies are here to make the recruiting process more efficient. Sourcing leads and compiling vetted profiles for your easy and successful candidate selection.

Possessing the ability to quickly find and fill healthcare jobs will ease the stress your current staff is feeling, hopefully resulting in lower feelings of burnout and staff-to-patient ratios. Access to a wide pool of talent also saves time on those tough to fill positions. Hiring candidates can be a tedious task. Allow a staffing agency to take on the heavy lift for recruiting and sourcing, so you and your team can focus your time and efforts on the patients who need you.

Benefits of Working with Krucial Staffing Healthcare

At Krucial Staffing, we have over 300,000+ qualified candidates in our pool of talent ready to fill any temporary, temporary-to-permanent, and permanent positions you may need. With our 90% fill rate, we have successfully recruited and onboarded over thousands of medical professionals and counting. With our ever-growing network of recruits, we can fill any open position in a timely manner. Helping you provide immediate relief and stability among your current healthcare staff who have been working restlessly these past weeks, months, or even years to ensure all patients receive the proper care they deserve.

We make the hiring process hassle-free from start to finish. Utilizing our own account managers and recruiters to help with interviews and source the right professional for your facility or hospital’s specified requirements. In addition, our credential team vets the candidates to ensure up-to-date licensed and certified applicants for the position.

With the rising number of burnouts among medical professionals and unsafe patient-to-staff ratios, it is vital to take care of your hospital and staff professionals now more than ever. A solution is simply reaching out to a staffing agency to assist you in filling your staffing gaps in your current staff plan. From the time and money, you save to the wide network you will gain; it may be time to start researching a staffing partner to help you weather the storm.

Krucial’s mission is to help those at their greatest time of need, so let us help you! Visit krucialstaffing.com to inform us of your staffing needs or email sales@krucialstaffing.com.

Maria Burns

Maria Burns

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